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Divorce is a stressful word; aside from the obvious emotional turmoil, it also causes stress with large amounts of paperwork, navigation of the legal system, and forcing you to make relatively quick decisions that you didn’t anticipate.

We’re Ris and Carol Cowan, and we’ve both been through divorce.  Through the course of our careers as Realtors, we found that we are able to provide additional value to our customers who are dealing with a real estate transaction as a result of divorce.  We’ve worked with many people during their divorce, and what we hear from our clients is that they simply “didn’t know what they didn’t know”, which would have left them to make decisions based on nothing more than assumptions and unreliable advice.  The decisions made during a real estate transaction and during a divorce are irreversible and can be costly, undesirable, or both.

Although most spouses enlist legal guidance when they begin their divorce, working with other professionals is extremely beneficial.  Having a team of professionals who will act as your advocate and offer their expertise to advise you of what’s in your best interest is the best way to ensure that the right decisions are made, keeping both financial and emotional costs as low as possible.  In addition to a good Realtor, your team of professionals could also include a financial planner, a tax specialist, and a therapist or counselor.

Selling your home before, after, during, or because of divorce is not an isolated decision.  It has long-term consequences on your finances, taxes, and emotions.  It’s never to early to find an outstanding Realtor, preferably one who specializes in working with divorce situations, to handle your real estate transaction!  If you’re ready to get started now, or even if you just have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d love the opportunity to be your real estate divorce advocate!

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Feeling the Burn of Divorce Chaos?

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