Most divorcees look forward to settling the sale of the property out of the courtroom as much as possible, but under some circumstances, a trial might be inevitable.  In many cases, the biggest issue that crops up is the sale of the marital home, and the most common mistakes in this regard can lead to expensive mishaps.

Once the case goes to the court, the decisions are out of control of both parties, and this is the cause for the real risk.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The judge can legally order you or your ex-spouse to do things that may or may not benefit you.
  • The court also has the power to force you or your ex-spouse to divulge information that you might prefer to withhold, including the values of pension funds and stock portfolios.
  • Court proceedings can be resolved within a year of filing the petition, but in most cases it drags on even longer.  You are likely to make multiple appearances in the court even before the trial, causing you to miss work and keep your life on hold.  Typically, attorneys will charge for each appearance as well.
  • Court decisions regarding your home can often be overwhelming, and can have a severe impact on the rest of your life and the lives of your children.  However, you have chances to shape the outcome through an agreement, and typically the best agreement is to sell your property.  The court will always accommodate such agreements and developments, and can intervene if one of the parties is violating the stipulation.
  • Court decisions can be appealed, but it would invariably involve a huge amount of money and time.

If you want real estate professionals who have experience with the divorce process and all the options and potential outcomes, contact us today and let’s get started on a solution that works for everyone and minimizes risk and costs.

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