Why does curb appeal affect the sale of a house so much?  After all, a buyer could easily add curb appeal after they buy the home, considering that it’s only a cosmetic issue and is relatively inexpensive.  Why is negative curb appeal such a turn off?

It’s because a potential buyer is looking for signs to indicate how well the home as been kept over long periods of time, as well as signs that could show what type of person or people own the home currently.  If the front yard of a home has dead plants, trash scattered, and the front door paint is cracked and peeling, it’s an indication to buyers that the rest of the house has probably not been well cared for either.

So here’s the 5 ways to master curb appeal and make your home sparkle:

  • Your lawn makes a big difference.  A yard with dead spots, overgrown grass, or riddled with weeds is not likely to be winning over any buyers, but on the flip side of that, a lawn that has thousands of dollars of complex landscaping appears to be too high maintenance, which can also be a turnoff to buyers.  Your best bet is to have a landscaping that is equally comparable with the other homes on your street, and keep your lawn and other vegetation neat, trimmed, and healthy.  Limit lawn ornaments to less than 4 or 5; many people view them as eyesores and they can make your lawn look cluttered and disorganized.
  • Make your home’s exterior sparkle.  Clean your windows, pressure wash the house and the driveway, and make sure that your garage isn’t an eyesore.  The garage door should be clean, and if your garage door is typically open, the garage should be neat and organized.  If the paint on your home’s exterior is starting to crack, bubble, fade, or peel, a fresh coat of paint would be ideal.  Inspect for and make repairs to broken or bent gutters, light fixtures, and cracked or foggy windows.  Walk around your home while looking up at the eaves and soffit, and remove any wasp nests, mud dauber cells, and things like that.
  • Your roof is important too.  Just because it’s not leaking doesn’t mean it doesn’t need anything!  It should definitely be pressure washed, and there should be no missing shingles.  If your roof is older and in need of replacing, bring in a professional who can give you a quote on replacement versus the cost of re-shingling.  New shingles are less costly than a new roof, make your roof look brand new, and can extend the lifespan of the roof by 5 to 15 years depending on the shingles you choose and the condition of your roof.
  • Have a welcoming walkway.  It serves as the path to your home, so providing potential buyers with a charming walk from their car to your front door is sure to score points.  For many architectural styles, a straight walkway that provides a path from the sidewalk to your front door is recommended.  Avoid a mass of boring concrete by lining the path with flower pots, flower beds, vibrant colored plants, boulders, or even a fountain.  Whether your walkway is concrete, gravel, stone, or weather-resistant wood, you’ll want to make sure that there’s no overgrowth anywhere.
  • Don’t forget about your front door!  A fresh coat of paint or stain on your front door is never a bad idea.  If you’re unsure of what color to paint it, keep in mind that having a contrast between your home’s facade and the front door will increase curb appeal and bring more beauty and intrigue to your home.  Putting a wreath on your door, a potted plant by the entrance, or boxed planters lined up on your porch are easy ways to add appeal.  Make sure your front door’s hardware is polished and fully functional.  If your front door handle’s finish is worn off, or if the lock or the knob itself is difficult to operate, it may be better to get new front door hardware.

If you follow these five tips, your home’s curb appeal will be top-notch!

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