In the last blog post, I talked about finding and leveraging your home’s unique features to get more money for your home using the 80/20 rule.  But I know that one of the first questions we get from our clients when we tell them about the 80/20 rule is: “What’s my home’s unique feature?”  So I want to help you figure that out!

Here’s a list of ideas to help you get started in finding your home’s unique features:

  • Hilltop views.  A lot of homeowners assume that the view from their windows isn’t a selling feature unless there’s a view of water or mountains, but that’s not the case.  Many competing homes just have views of roadways or the neighbor’s house.
  • Wildlife views.  Maybe your home looks out on an open field frequented by wildlife?  Many people would enjoy that view, and some may even prefer it to picturesque scenery.
  • Sunset or sunrise views.  Depending on the way the windows or porches of your home are facing, you may have access to stunning sunsets or sunrises.  Some people love being able to see an unobstructed sunset or sunrise from the comfort of their home, even if the view is unremarkable the other times of day.
  • Patio space.  Maybe your house is the only one that has a nice patio.  Consider and compare features like awnings, screen enclosures, size, pavers, etc.
  • Proximity to neighborhood features.  If your home is closer to the community clubhouse or tennis courts, for example, some people would consider that a big plus.  Many people prefer the ability to walk to these common areas rather than drive to them.
  • Privacy.  If your lot is concealed by trees, or if the adjoining lot is unbuildable, these are features that provide privacy to the homeowners and are often a buyer’s top priority.
  • Fruit-bearing trees.  If you’ve got peach trees, blueberry bushes, grapevines, or any other kind of fruit-bearing trees or plants in your yard, then your listing might be the favorite of buyers who enjoy eating, sharing, or canning fruit.
  • Outdoor space.  If your yard larger than your neighbor’s yards, or has big pretty shade trees or unique landscaping, these are features that could set your home apart.  Also consider fencing; families with children, and especially pets, flock to homes with fenced backyards.

Please know and understand that these are merely suggestions and possibilities.  To really find your home’s unique feature, we have to view and study the homes that are in competition with yours.  Otherwise, how would we know if a feature is unique to your home or not?  Also, consider the possibility that your home’s unique feature might be something that you are overlooking, or maybe even something you personally view as a negative feature.  That’s why it’s so important to have the opinions of real estate professionals.

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