21 09, 2021

Details Reveal Why Real Estate Activity Defies Expectations

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For anyone who follows Mesa County real estate trends, this year has upended all expectations. Even following the declaration of the national pandemic emergency, the course of activity continued to follow an unpredictable path. Recently, the National Association of Realtors® Newsroom revealed new details about the unforeseen shifts in the housing market. Normally, when the national economy sputters as profoundly as it did at the onset of the pandemic, it constitutes “a condition usually associated with slower home sales and lower home prices.” The opposite has come to pass on both counts.

14 09, 2021

Mesa County Home Workplaces Prompt an Overlooked Side-Issue

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At Stanford, they call it the new “working-from-home economy”—one featuring “an incredible 42% of the labor force working from home full-time.” The latest Gallup survey finds 58% working at home at least some of the time. Mesa County workers who count themselves among the 51% who prefer remote work “because it improves work-life balance” will also be in sync with their employers. According to Digital Workplace’s estimate, firms that offer remote work report having a “25% lower employee turnover rate.”

17 08, 2021

Despite Everything, Consumer Credit Scores Rise

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For homeowners who had planned to sell their Mesa County home this year, the sudden advent of the COVID-19 pandemic looked like the worst kind of bad news—what pundits call a “black swan”—the kind of out-of-the-blue event that thoroughly disrupts normal prospects. Sure enough, unemployment numbers soared, and businesses in any number of fields ground to a halt. As if those conditions weren’t damaging enough, for Mesa County home sellers, even showing Mesa County homes became close to impossible as everyone grappled with finding the best ways to deal with the changing conditions.

11 08, 2021

Mesa County Rental Properties Double Growth Possibilities

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Mesa County rental properties can bring their owners substantial investment income at the same time they are quietly building equity. It sounds clever—and it is clever, as many legendary titans of industry have pointed out. Nineteenth-century millionaire-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie’s “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate” is typical.

20 07, 2021

House-Hunting in Mesa County: Some Fundamentals are Changing

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House-hunting in Mesa County may start on a laptop, but although “sight-unseen” purchases are on the rise, sooner or later, most forays become less virtual. Soon after one of Mesa County’s experienced Realtors® is recruited (preferably, that’s us), the hunt will go mobile. After the most likely candidate properties have been agreed upon, in-person visits will be lined up.

6 07, 2021

Mesa County Real Estate Welcomes ‘Lowest Ever’ Mortgage Rates

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They were at it again last week—the party-poopers who wanted to quibble about what newspapers and broadcast media were proclaiming: a shattering of the record lows in mortgage interest rates. For Mesa County real estate followers, the argument missed what is most important: the bottom line that the rates being offered continue to create a heady environment for home buyers and sellers.