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If you’re a wine lover or peach lover you’ll LOVE Palisade, considered the wine country of the Western Slope. It’s nestled along one of the most beautiful stretches of the Colorado River and the base of scenic Grand Mesa. It’s famous Palisade Peaches made Palisade the “Peach Capital of Colorado.

With a population of about 3,000 residents, this quaint agricultural town is named for the cliffs near the town site. Palisade has its own, municipal government including police and fire departments. It has only a handful of streetlights, no fast-food chains but very friendly people. The downtown area is flourishing with cafes, a bakery, restaurants, antique stores and eclectic boutique shops. It’s also the site of a fun, Sunday Farmer’s Market where you can sample some of the town’s agricultural bounty. Plus, other festivals are hosted here, including:

  • Colorado Lavender Festival
  • Colorado Mountain Winefest
  • Peach Festival
  • International Honeybee Festival

But wine and fruit are the big draws here. Palisade really helped put Colorado and this region on the map as a winery destination. Its relatively mild climate is unique in Colorado. With only an average of 14 inches of snow and 78 percent of days with sunshine means farmers here enjoy an average 182-day growing season. There are 30 or so wineries in Palisade alone where you can tour, do tastings and take home a bottle of your favorite wine. You can visit a number of peach and cherry orchards, too.

If hiking is on your checklist for a community, you’ll find plenty of trails nearby as well as the recently completed Palisade Rim Trail for mountain biking as a new, challenging track.

Downtown Palisade features an equally eclectic variety of older and renovated homes. But many of the homes for sale around downtown are custom-built on sites with either vineyards or fruit trees on the property.

Schools for children here include:

  • Taylor Elementary School
  • Mount Garfield Middle School
  • Palisade High School

Palisade Subdivisions

  • Blue Sage
  • Bonnie Brook Vineyards
  • Carriage House
  • Downtown Palisade
  • Duncan
  • Five Iron
  • Montclair
  • Palisade Vineyards
  • Peach Bloom
  • Rio Vista Mobile Home Park
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Sobre El Rio
  • Sunrise Estates
  • Victorian Heights
  • Willow Tree
  • Wine Valley Estates



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