The key to selling your home quickly and for top dollar is to make sure that potential buyers LOVE it!  When your home stands out from the other listings a buyer sees, they are typically willing to pay more for it, even paying MORE than asking price in many instances!  If you want potential buyers to just fall in love with your house, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t underestimate curb appeal.  The first impression of your house is very important, and some buyers even choose not to go inside a house after pulling up in the driveway.  Keep your front lawn well-maintained and free from debris, leaves, trash, dog waste, and children’s toys.  Consider pressure washing the house and driveway, or even a fresh coat of exterior paint if needed.
  • Professional real estate photos are a necessity.  These photos will serve as your home’s first impression before potential buyers see it in person, so it’s important for the photographer to have the right tools (such as a wide-angle lens) and pay close attention to each photo’s composition (like the angle and lighting).
  • The interior of your home should be as neutral and agreeable as possible.  If you’re re-painting the walls (highly recommended!), remodeling, or redecorating, choose neutral colors such as grey, beige, or white for walls, floors, countertops, and larger furniture.  Avoid trinkets on tables and shelves as they occupy “visual space” and make rooms seem cluttered.
  • The kitchen is one of the most important rooms, and it often makes or breaks the buyer’s opinion of your home.  It’s not necessary for you to invest a lot in the kitchen, but consider improvements if it’s outdated, small, or inconvenient.  Almost every kitchen can be improved even if it only needs to be cleaned, refreshed, and refined.  Spotless surfaces and appliances (even if they are not being sold with the home) make a positive impression, as do bright lighting and open windows.  Be sure to clean or repaint surfaces or handles that are dingy from being touched frequently.  Keep your kitchen free of bad smells by emptying the trash often, not letting dishes stack up in the sink, keeping your disposal and sink clean, and ensuring there’s no spoiled food lurking.  AND YES, keep in mind that most potential buyers WILL open your refrigerator!
  • Go through your whole house and replace burnt out light bulbs, clean light switch plates, baseboards, and ceiling fans, and use touch-up paint on walls with scratches or marks.  Pay close attention to anywhere that is touched frequently like stair handrails, door knobs/handles, wall corners, etc.
  • If you want to make upgrades or do some remodeling, but you’re not sure where or how your money will be best spent, ask your Realtor to show you interior photos of other homes in your neighborhood or on your street, as well as interior photos of homes on the market that will be in direct competition with yours in terms of price range, square footage, etc.  You can often make decisions about what upgrades would make your home stand out from the competition by knowing what features and amenities other homes offer.  For example, if your home is the only one that doesn’t have granite countertops, that should be high on your priority list.  However, if your home has hardwood flooring while other homes have laminate, vinyl, or carpet, then spending money to upgrade your flooring would be ill-advised.

When in doubt, ask your Realtor for their opinion and professional advice!  If you’d like to ask us for ours, feel free to contact us anytime!

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