Regardless if the choice to sell your home is voluntary or forced on you by the circumstances of your divorce, it can be a painful and sometimes traumatic process.  Feeling pain when letting go of the place we loved and called home is perfectly normal.  We link our home with a powerful sense of security, love, and memories.

Sometimes, a home seller might not think that they have that strong of an emotional attachment to their home, but then the full emotional impact is felt when they receive the first written offer.  Once there is a tangible buyer for your property, it becomes more real and can bring on sadness that you didn’t expect.

Here are a few tips on how to handle the emotions involved in selling your home:

  • Choose a professional real estate agent that empathizes with your situation and is easy to talk to.
  • Remember that different people view things differently.  The things about your house that you hold dear might not represent much to the potential buyer.  Therefore, don’t assume that the things about your house that you view as important will increase the homes value.
  • Depersonalize the house.  Preparing the house for sale usually requires fresh paint in neutral colors and de-cluttering shelves.  The new paint and the removal of your personal items and emotionally charged objects will make it easier for you to view it as a house, and not your home, helping you get through the selling process with less emotional attachment.
  • Try to keep in mind that the best memories are linked to important people in your life, not places.  A photo album with pictures related to the best times you enjoyed in your home might make it easier for you to let go.
  • Consider your children, if you have any.  They are likely feeling emotional as well, so try to keep things positive and enthusiastic when discussing selling and moving.  Try to involve them as much as possible; being a participant in the process and not just an observer will make them feel more confident and make the moving process seem exciting instead of sad or scary.

Keep your chin up, and remember to contact us if you have questions or need help!

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