When selling your home, it can be tough to know what changes to make to attract the most buyers, and what things about your home are instant turn-offs. From furniture placement to paint colors, predicting a potential buyer’s preferences is nearly impossible!

The good news is that there are some universal reasons that cause a buyer to cross a house off their list, and we’re happy to share them with you. Below are the top 7 reasons that can stop your house from selling!

1. Poor curb appeal

Buyers won’t even go inside if the outside of the house looks unappealing. So clean up your front yard by tidying plants and pulling up weeds. Make sure the outside of your home looks well cared-for by painting the trim, mowing the lawn and placing attractive potted plants by the door.

2. Unpleasant odors

You may not even notice bad odors, but buyers surely will. Smoking and pets are the prime causes, so smoke outside while you are selling your house and consider what to do with your animals. Allow the house to air out thoroughly before viewings – don’t just try to mask the odor with another scent.

3. Loud and scary pets

Apart from the odor of some animals, a big dog or noisy bird can be off-putting to some buyers. So keep your dog away when you have viewings so your potential buyers aren’t distracted or, worse, scared.

4. Signs of damp

Problems with damp are a big turn-off to many buyers. Make sure your basement doesn’t smell damp and there are no signs of damp on the walls. It’s much better to fix problems now than wait until buyers point them out to you.

5. Dirt and grime

Although dirt is usually only cosmetic, it deters buyers, who will start to think the house isn’t well cared for. So make sure your kitchen and bathroom, in particular, are clean.

6. Bad décor

Although your home’s décor shouldn’t matter, to many buyers it does. That’s because many want a house they can move into right away. So replace any tired or out-of-date carpets or wallpapers with a more neutral, modern scheme.

7. Wrong price

If your house it too expensive compared to similar properties on the market, you’ll turn away viewers. Choose an agent who KNOWS your neighborhood’s market, realizes the competition your home faces, and understands what buyers are looking for.