A key real estate insight was on display in a sponsored post that appeared in the Inman real estate trade newspaper. The theme was about eternal industry truths—rules that apply to businesses big and small.

One of the rules is widely understood by any enterprise that deals with consumers: it’s that “people-based” marketing is what works. The idea is to appreciate the emotional—as well as the rational—underpinnings of what people bring to how they lead their daily lives. In real estate, that translates into choosing to emphasize the experience made possible by a home’s features— rather than just naming the features themselves. Instead of simply listing the Jenn-Air this or Sub-Zero that, it’s more effective to first describe how a kitchen provides an ideal setting for gourmet cooks to create their show-stoppers—then detail the high-end appliances that make it so.

That’s a worthy insight, as was another that was also thought-provoking. It dealt with the primacy of “place” in real estate: the “Mesa and Delta County” in “Mesa and Delta County real estate.” It may be true that for many prospective buyers, the community has already been determined—in which case, competitive listings will have that in common.

But that needn’t diminish the power of describing how choosing this home will bestow all the advantages of living in Mesa and Delta County—especially when the offering is in a community that has as much going for it as Mesa and Delta County does. Potential buyers will be pleased to learn of their new home’s proximity to Mesa and Delta County community features—the popular restaurants, parks, hiking, events, and other appealing attractions that may have drawn them here in the first place. Every Mesa and Delta County property has its own distinguishing features, and each also has a place in the greater story of our Mesa and Delta County community—one every future resident is certain to find fascinating.

I hope you will call us when it’s time to sell your own Mesa and Delta County property!