The feeling of being cooped up that has predominated throughout so much of Mesa and Delta County’s springtime may be loosening up, but one way to capitalize on the situation is to take the extra indoors time to make this year’s spring-cleaning project a more-serious-than-usual event. In addition to relieving the monotony that the semi-voluntary confinement has wrought throughout Mesa and Delta County, it will add the pleasure a deep-cleaned residence brings.

The difference between regular and more serious spring cleaning is what pros bring to the annual project: a professional mindset. In addition to just vacuuming, window-washing, and deep-sixing the accumulated magazines and seed catalogs, this means targeting the details that experienced pros go after. Here is a list of those details, culled from professional house cleaning chatter:

  1. Window treatments. Wash the washable, gently vacuum the others.
  2. Before vacuuming, dust overhead lights. The good news is that we have the face masks already—now we can deal with downward-raining dust bunnies.
  3. Dust/vacuum lampshades, light fixtures—and clean bulbs that have accumulated grime (a vinegar spray/microfiber cloth wipe leaves a sparkling room).
  4. Tip chairs and sofas to vacuum beneath
  5. Wash or vacuum vents. While you’re at it, write down the size of the air filters so you can replace them next time you’re at the hardware store.
  6. Microwave a cup of water for 3 minutes before cleaning the interior spatter.
  7. In the bathroom, use a squeegee on the tub and shower walls (and replace tallow-based soaps with glycerin or vegetable oil-based brands that don’t leave a gummy scum.

Armed with the mindset that goes with those seven tips—you only need one more tip the pros agree on: crank up the music! And in case your professional-level spring cleaning project had the added motivation of your intention to put your house on the market this summer, now is the perfect time to give us a call!