When preparing to sell your home, you’ll want it to look its best. By having your property stand out, you can reduce the risk of it sitting for a long period of time on the market – along with the added expense of the mortgage payment, utilities, and insurance.

In making up your home to appeal to a wide range of potential purchasers, you may want to look to some of the latest home decorating trends. These should include both interior and exterior looks.

Forcing Potential Buyers to Take a Second Look

Getting potential buyers to take a second look starts with giving your home great curb appeal – and that begins with some of today’s landscaping trends. One more recent look of late is artful gardening. While most gardens in the past have tended to be lackluster and somewhat tasteless, today, many have been going with adding sculptural pieces. Even just one or two small items such as a simple trellis or a stack of stainless steel circles can brighten up the area.

Another key trend we’ve seen taking place on the exterior is “pondless” water features. Water tends to add a calming effect to any landscaped area. But, because ponds can be difficult to construct and are fairly maintenance intensive, other structures such as covered rocks have come more into vogue lately.

If you’re looking for something that’s even more low-maintenance than that, going with easy to maintain foliage and hedges that are drought resistant can not only add beauty to your yard, but can also be fragrant, depending on the type of greenery you go with.

Interior Looks Can Help To Hasten An Offer

The Latest Home Decorating TrendsCertainly, the interior of your home can speak volumes to a potential buyer as well. Keeping the walls neutral, yet up to date color-wise, is typically the best route to go. According to the experts, neutrals continue to flourish – especially as companions for brighter hues. Today, some of the more popular companion colors tend to be cinnamon and / or mocha.

Complementing the wall colors with just the right staging can provide the perfect touch. Currently, the trend in furniture seems to be a blend of traditional materials, shapes, and prints, along with modern design. For example, metals combined with other materials within frames or bases of modern tables, beds, sofas, and even lighting fixtures.

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