By definition, the best Mesa County real estate agent for you is the one who sells your Mesa County home soonest, for the highest price, and with a minimum of hassle. Because you have to designate the one who will be your exclusive listing agent, you can’t ever prove how all the others would have fared.

So, what’s a homeowner to do when it’s time to sell? Going it alone isn’t a good idea—statistics show that homes represented by a licensed real estate professional sell for more, even considering the agent’s fee. But how can you know which agent has the highest probability of turning out to be “the best” for you?

The solution to this dilemma most commonly recommended by real estate commentators is this:

Interview at least three agents before choosing one of them.

That doesn’t sound so difficult (and it does sound smart)—so why doesn’t every home seller do it? Research tells us that 61% of sellers only ever contact one agent. The reasons most often cited are that 1) sellers can’t settle on the questions that will yield the best basis for evaluating the answers, or 2) they aren’t fond of being subjected to sales presentations (or having to evade requests for a commitment), or 3) they stop interviewing the first time they hit it off with a candidate.

Of the three reasons, the third is the one that has the surest chance of success. Assuming the process begins by interviewing only qualified, experienced Mesa County agents, once a homeowner feels informed and comfortable chatting with the interviewee, there’s a strong likelihood that the team will do well. On the other hand, not knowing the exact questions to ask shouldn’t be necessary—the best agents will be adept at bringing up those issues themselves—and addressing them directly. Likewise, sales pressure shouldn’t be an issue: the best real estate agents understand when to sell and when not. Financial pundit Dave Ramsey is credited with this memorable quote about selecting an agent—wisdom worth repeating:

Look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.”

Identifying and teaming with a local agent who’s likely to be best for you is a solid first step for selling your home. I hope you’ll give us a chance to discuss today’s market—and the ways we can go after the results you’re looking for. Call!