Some of the best early advice for future Mesa and Delta County home sellers centers on preparing the property without overspending. The reason why these first decisions get so much attention is the importance of starting out with an asking price that’s competitive—one that draws a crowd right out of the gate. If you strain the family coffers by paying (or borrowing) for extensive remodeling projects, it’s only human nature to assume that the additional value you’ve plowed into the property must command top dollar!

A further temptation to overspend owes to underestimating the effect of testing the market with an over-the-top opening listing price. It’s easy to assume that if the market doesn’t respond well, you can always lower the asking price—creating even more “special sale” value. But in reality, that time spent testing the market is more likely to have the effect of lowering the apparent desirability of the property. The last impression you want to give prospective buyers is that your Mesa and Delta County home belongs on real estate’s equivalent of a department store ‘marked down’ rack.

Note that the original “best advice” doesn’t provide an answer for whether any given upgrade, replacement, or remodeling activity will be cost-effective—those decisions (and there may be a slew of them) have to be made one by one. And in reality, to actually weigh whether any single expenditure would be smart or self-defeating requires another baseline piece of information: where your property measures up in relation to other comparable Mesa and Delta County homes—the “comps.”

Once you have a fact-based report with the current market returns (information prospective buyers will be looking at), you’ll be prepared to make informed decisions about preparing your property. That first “best advice” turns out to be a second step. Step One should be securing a thoroughgoing rundown of the latest Mesa and Delta County comparables. That’s why our own best advice is offered with assurance: give us a call! We’ll put together a comprehensive written analysis of how your home compares in light of the latest market results. There will be zero obligation on your part—so you can mull over the information at your own pace. Should you decide to take the next steps, you’ll have the vital information to avoid expensive overdoing!

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