Preparing your home for sale can seem a bit overwhelming. But it’s generally advisable to try to avoid costly remodeling projects like kitchen remodeling if you’re getting ready to sell. Why? Because most remodeling projects don’t return the value of what you spent when you sell.

Instead, focus on cosmetic projects and minor repairs that cost-effectively increase the visual appeal of your home (new coat of pain, planting flowers and shrubs, new window treatments).

According to a recent national Cost vs. Value survey, nearly ALL remodeling projects cost more than the value they add. But there are some projects that outperform others when it comes to adding value to your home. And it’s not just a survey making it true; we’ve seen several appraisals come in lower than the seller expected even after paying for a number of remodeling or repair projects done on the home.

Here are some sample remodeling projects from a national survey, along with their shocking return on value:

Bathroom remodel $62,640 $52,245 83.4%
Major kitchen remodel $54,798 $41,033 74.9%
Sunroom addition $72,752 $37,047 50.9%
Master Suite Addition $103,306 $68,251 66.0%
Garage Door Replacement $1,544 $1,454 94.0%
Deck Addition (with wood) $9,531 $11,137 116.8%
Entry Door Replacement ( with steel) $1,148 $1,627 141.8%

We’re NOT saying “don’t update your home” for sales appeal. If you have 20-year-old kitchen counters you should definitely consider updating them with granite, marble or Corian. If your master bathroom has old, leaky fixtures or seriously outdated tile then you’ll only help yourself by spending a little money to refurbish the look and feel of the bathroom. Just be very aware before you fling yourself into a full, costly remodeling project.

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