The typical Mesa and Delta County luxury home buyer isn’t really “typical” any more than the property they will ultimately acquire. It’s a simple fact that the affluent prospective buyers who are Mesa and Delta County’s next homeowners simply can’t be pigeonholed in any meaningful way. The Luxury Home Council defines the group as “owners of properties valued at five times the median price of U.S. homes”—but in fact, many Mesa and Delta County luxury properties significantly exceed that metric. Again, there simply is no “typical.”

It follows that generalizations about today’s Mesa and Delta County luxury properties are also few and far between. But there are some features that writers point to as gaining increasing popularity. Some include—

  • Designer Dressing Rooms. Yesterday’s closets are rapidly expanding into walk-in areas with luxurious cabinetry, sound systems, and designer lighting. Glass cases may display handbags and clothing; opening drawers can trigger lighting.
  • Gourmet Kitchen features are evolving. Today’s luxury kitchen may have built-in iPhone triggered coffee brewers, wine refrigerators (or walk-in, climate-controlled wine rooms), warming drawers—and/or any of the rapidly surfacing electronic “smart” kitchen adjuncts. There is no ‘typical.’
  • Luxury in today’s master bathrooms really comes closer to what high-end resorts feature in their spas. These begin with double vanities and walk-in showers, then add features ranging from towel warmers and rain showers to radiant-heated floors, soaking tubs, skylights and fireplaces—often designed with materials that create an organic, natural ambiance.
  • Fitness facilities custom-designed for the health needs of their owners eliminate the need to exercise in public membership health clubs. Indoor swimming (or lap) pools can add year-round utility.
  • Smart Technology. Household systems that can be monitored at home or from afar via smartphone apps are no longer the exclusive province of homes that meet the “luxury” designation. That should be reserved for those that have been elegantly integrated for simplicity of operation. They provide improved security, and for Mesa and Delta County’s luxury homeowner, enhanced ease of mind.

Of course, for any of Mesa and Delta County’s true luxury offerings, there is no “typical.” For a detailed exploration of the luxury properties that meet your own criteria, give us a call!