Crafting language that makes a property stand out in the Mesa or Delta County listings is one of the skills that successful Realtors® continue to develop throughout their careers. Initially, a listing’s photos may be more important than the text when it comes to grabbing buyers’ attention—but after that, the words matter a lot! Especially when they’re sticky!

When it works—when one Mesa or Delta County listing stands out from its comparable rivals—it’s often because it creates memorability. It sticks in listing-surfers’ memories. Almost always, serious prospects will revisit the Mesa or Delta County listings again and again throughout their house-hunting process. You want them to remember yours (“Oh,  this is that house—remember, that’s the one we talked about…”).

Of the many ways that phrasing works to create a memorable listing, the most direct is via adjectives that set a home’s features off from its neighbors. So—

  • a soaking tub is more relaxing and luxurious than a ‘bathtub’
  • central air is somehow chillier than ‘air-conditioning’
  • an open kitchen is more spacious than a ‘kitchen’-or even a ‘chef’s kitchen’
  • a wood-burning fireplace is definitely warmer and cozier than a ‘brick fireplace’ (even if the one in question is made of brick)

But a description can be even stickier when it portrays the feeling visitors take away from a property. The other Mesa or Delta County listings may depict nice houses, but those can easily blend into an undifferentiated mass after even a few minutes of scanning the listings. When it is authentic, a powerful memorability creator is describing the effect a property has on visitors. A pocket garden that evokes serenity—or a sweeping vista that takes your breath away—can strike a sensory chord that sticks. Between ‘things’ and ‘experiences,’ experiences are, hands-down, more memorable.

Creating memorable listings is a crucial part of what Mesa or Delta County sellers should expect from the Mesa or Delta County Realtor® they select. We hope you will allow us to provide that service when it’s time to sell your own home!