This is a message to all the homeowners waiting for the Spring market to sell their home:  your time is just about up.  February is the new spring.

We know it’s hard to get your mind around thinking of February as a spring month.  But in real estate it actually is.

But I want to turn the clock back a year or so and show you what February looked like in Mesa and Delta County, Colorado.   As usual, February 2021 was pretty cold here. But buying activity was very hot despite the temperatures.

More than 270 homes closed in February 2021 in Mesa and Delta County!  The amazing thing is these buyers probably started their search in December or January because it takes about 45 days or longer to close! Yes, that means most of those people ALREADY found their home by the time February got here!  You’re getting the picture now…

So, if you’re wrapped up under a blanket thinking of selling your home in the spring, take my word for it:  It’s already Spring.  You should be getting your home ready NOW to sell.  And it’s going to be VERY competitive for buyers this spring.

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