The U.S. News & World Report weighed in with a quite useful list: housewarming gift ideas that are both thoughtful and practical. The entire list ran to 15 entries—some less appropriate than others (right now, the “hummingbird feeder” might be more appreciated come springtime)—but for most Western Slope readers, on the whole, it presented a very useful compendium.

It spurred a wider search for other lists that have appeared in recent years. Here, in addition to some of the U.S. News ideas, are ten good ones:

  1. Customized return address stamp or stickers.
  2. Personalized doormat.
  3. A choice item from a favorite local Western Slope business.
  4. Cooking herb planter.
  5. Step stool.
  6. Keyholder (a tray, bowl, or set of hooks).
  7. Personalized wine opener.
  8. Engraved cutting board.
  9. Pineapple candle (there are all sorts of these, from shaped candles to beautiful glass-enclosed varieties).
  10. Decorator measuring cup or spoon sets (Google these: many are really handsome).

Keep in mind that these ‘housewarming’ gifts can also be thoughtful ‘thinking of you’ gifts for any occasion—even for just dropping by for a socially-distanced-but-too-long-delayed visit. These days, considerate gestures are more welcome than ever. And remember, when you’re looking forward to becoming a recipient in your own future Western Slope housewarming situation, I hope you’ll call us to help create it!