Home inspections are a routine part of the home buying process. But Cowan Home Team buyer’s agents know that it is the unseen or latent defects that can cause the real problems. Even brand new homes get a walk through for their new owners, so keep that in mind when you consider skipping a full home inspection.

Home inspectors are hired by home buyers, not the agent. We can offer you several suggestions of local, certified home inspectors, but the choice of who to use is up to you, the buyer. A detailed report from a licensed home inspector offers insights on the condition of the home, any potential issues with a home, such as dated wiring, poor plumbing, mysterious holes in the attic, cracks in the foundation, curling shingles, faulty fixtures, leaky water heaters and more. Typically, the fees run from $300 to $1,000 for a home inspection with an emailed report and photographs.

Cowan Home Team always recommends having a home inspection performed on a property because learning as much about the property is key to understanding what you’re buying. If you’ve bought a used car but had it first inspected by a trusted mechanic, than you’ll know why you need a home inspection. Trust the source, but verify it on your own. Think of a home inspection as an extra form of home insurance. For the low amount of money it costs, finding out a property has major issues can save you thousands of dollars and potentially give you an exit on the contract. Knowing ahead of time that the furnace is faulty or the foundation is in bad shape, offers you the opportunity to reconsider the contract if you use a contingency clause.



photo credit: Patrick Dockens via photopin cc