You know what they say about sliced bread…

From time to time we come across gadgets for the home that we really like.  And when we find something like – which is very cool and promotes home security – well, we just have to share it with our friends!

The Ring doorbell system is a nifty device which combines a doorbell, wi-fi camera and remote microphone into something that makes you seem like you’re home, even if you’re not.  It attaches to the outside wall by your front door.  Or literally on your door (which is what we did) if you can’t mount it on the wall or you don’t have a peep hole.

It then connects with your home’s Wi-Fi network to stream live video and sound any time someone comes to the door.  A microphone picks up sound or voice and you can have a live conversation with the person on your front porch! Ring is activated by motion and you can set the sensitivity using only your smartphone.  Best of all, it works across several platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android or PC’s.

Each Ring session can be recorded and saved on the cloud (Ring sells you a discounted annual plan).  Here’s an actual video recording of a recent visit to our house; nothing ominous, just the exterminator:

What we love about Ring is you don’t even have to be home to see who shows up at your door or have a conversation.  Or, if you are home, use it to tell those annoying solicitors “no thanks” without getting up out of the chair!

This thing is great for so many uses:  monitoring when your latch-key kid comes home; seeing who shows up when you’re not home; seeing when a vendor or contractor arrives or seeing and recording would-be prowlers.

The price is $199 per unit and you can add multiple units to various zones of your home, not just the front door.  If you’d like Ring to serve as your doorbell, too, you can order an inexpensive wireless chime which Rings each time a visitor presses the ring button. 

If you’re interested in Ring for your home, ordering is fast and painless through their web site at  Delivery was pretty quick and they provide super shipping tracking.

Just so you know: we don’t go around endorsing random products.  But when we see something we think could help friends or clients, we don’t mind singing its praises.