Rack of Lamb Provencale.

Dad's old recipe box.

Dad’s old recipe box.

My late father enjoyed cooking when I was young and kept a recipe box of note cards with all these old-school, gourmet dishes he ate in his travels (or would one day liked to have tried).

Many of the dishes were hastily scribbled on napkins; or on a shred of paper after he convinced a cook or chef to give up their secrets. Others are clipped and pasted on cards from the hundreds of magazines he read throughout the brief years we had him. I inherited Dad’s recipe box some years ago and I dig through it often – as I’ve also inherited his love of cooking. It’s gives me a warm feeling just to see his handwriting.

Here’s something special my Mom would make from the box: Rack of Lamb Provencale. I’ve transcribed it here from a dog-eared card.

It’s from Chef Warren Leruth’s famous New Orleans place, Le Ruth’s Restaurant. Some consider Le Ruth’s the most delicious restaurant of all time.

Even though it was in a middle-class neighborhood, Le Ruth’s was always full and people waited weeks for a reservation. It was opened in 1966 and shut its doors in 1991. When we lived in Biloxi, my parents made many trips to New Orleans and sometimes ate at Le Ruth’s. While Chef Leruth (this is how he actually spelled his name) wrote two, small cookbooks neither of them had much of the restaurant’s food in it. Dad was lucky to get this one.

If the recipe image is too small and you want me to send it, just call or email me with your email address… Enjoy.

Rack of Lamb, Provencale

Rack of Lamb, Provencale