Buying a Home?  Here’s How to Evaluate the Property First!

If you’re buying a home you really need to know how to evaluate a home before you buy it, so that you’re aware of everything about the home BEFORE you make the full plunge.

As specialists in your area, we can explain the pros and cons of each home you’re considering.  We can also describe how the house fits in with the community.  But you should also visit the house, on your own, at different times of the day.  This will help you fully understand the potential impacts on the home from traffic, noise, parking, lighting, etc.  Make sure you see the house on more than one occasion so you take in all the potential details.

Many buyers want their agents to tell them if the neighborhood is “safe” or if the nearby schools are “good schools.”  Unfortunately, we’re prohibited by law from offering our opinions on neighborhoods or schools.  Yes, we can help you identify a great location for you to consider homes, but we can’t make comments (good or bad) about the neighborhood itself.  Or the schools.

If you’re concerned about safety (and who isn’t), many local police or sheriff departments can provide local crime statistics for the area.  That way, you can make your own informed determination on how “safe” the area is.  We often recommend buyers check out web sites like where they can find user-generated reviews and rankings of neighborhood schools.  Consider it the TripAdvisor of schools.

Spend time driving around a three- or five-mile radius to also observe other neighborhoods, feeder road traffic and the location of shopping areas.  Identify the proximity of grocery and drug stores.  How far is the closest hospital?  Are doctors’ and dental offices nearby?  Make sure to find the nearest parks and sports complexes.  Are there other recreational areas close by?  Check with the county’s zoning department to ensure no unwelcome development or rezoning surprises are in store for your potential home.

While you don’t want to miss a golden opportunity by over-analyzing a home, make sure you spend ample time to evaluate the home before you buy it, so you can avoid buyer’s remorse.

Be sure to check out our Buyer’s Tips for even more information that home buyers need, feel free to search for homes for sale, and if you have any questions, just contact us!