There are thousands of real estate agents in our area, and it seems that agents come in all sizes and shapes, personalities and experiences. But if you’re looking for a Western Slope listing agent, we hope you’ll consider us!  Here’s why you should choose us to list, market, and sell your home:

We’re Listing Experts

There’s one thing you can be sure of: we know real estate. We’re experts in the Western Slope Colorado real estate markets, and we use all of our expertise and knowledge to sell your home as efficiently as possible. We follow important market data closely, such as how long homes took to sell, whether the market is up or down, and why the market is doing what it’s doing. Having worked with hundreds of buyers, we know what buyers are looking for, and we convert that knowledge into how we market homes also.

We know what it takes to sell your home. How? Well, let’s just say you gain quite a bit of knowledge when you close an annual average of nearly one home per week!

When it Comes to Pricing, We Don’t Guess

Forget Zestimates. They’re not accurate. We’re local market professionals and will give you a detailed, comparative market analysis showing how we estimate your home’s value – for FREE. Then, we’ll offer you three pricing options to get your home sold for the most money and in the time frame you want.

We Market Your Home Aggressively

Some agents stick a sign in the yard and call it a day, but we spend a lot of money and time on advertising and marketing because we know that it works, especially when it’s based on research and proven data. Did you know that more than 80 percent of homebuyers start their real estate search online? That statistic, which has increased annually for the last several years, prompted us to become experts in making your home as visible as possible to homebuyers – online, on social media outlets, and via traditional methods.

First, we create a custom web site for your home, then we drive internet traffic to that site. Next, we ensure that your home’s listing will be seen on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others.  In addition, we also syndicate our listings to thousands of real estate websites, including the largest real estate websites in the world such as, Trulia, and Zillow. As an added benefit, we are also Zillow Premier Agents, and that means that our listings get premium placement on Zillow’s site.

Last but certainly not least, we take extra steps to market your home to the thousands of other real estate agents in our market, because any of them could be working with buyers who have been looking for a home just like yours. Many sellers don’t realize that this is an excellent opportunity and it’s often overlooked by other agents.

Most importantly, we provide professional high-definition photography for free, because photos will be your home’s first impression, and we want the best first impression possible!

Commission Options That Suit Your Choices

When talking to a listing agent, commissions can be a tense part of the conversation. At times, it seems like a silly negotiation dance as each party tries to convince the other to agree to their terms. But, it’s not like that with us. We give our clients several different commission options, describe the pros and cons of each option, and let you decide the commission rate that works best for you.

That doesn’t sound like any other real estate agent you’ve work with, right?

Working With Us is Enjoyable

You’ll like working with us – we’re not high-pressure or pushy.  We strive to build relationships with people instead of pressuring them. We like our clients, and they like us. We want to help you be real estate savvy so you can make great decisions.  We’re just hard-working folks like you are, and hopefully our experience and knowledge helps you with one of life’s biggest transactions.

If we can brag for just a moment: we’re really proud to tell you we have tons of past clients who wrote us really touching reviews, testimonials, and emails about how much they enjoyed working with us during their real estate transaction.  We’d love for you to take a few minutes and read these reviews for yourself!

We Offer a Bold Guarantee

Most real estate agents are hesitant to give a guarantee, because they’re not always as confident in their ability to sell your home.

Our guarantee is bold, simple, and totally risk-free: if you aren’t satisfied with anything about the methods we’re using when selling your home, simply fire us and you won’t owe us a penny. We have sold so many homes and have so many happy past clients, we know that your real estate experience with us will be excellent.  That’s how we can make such a broad guarantee.

Ready to List?  Contact Us!

So, if you’ve been thinking of selling and need outstanding listing agents, I hope you’ve found them! If you’re ready to list your home, you can start by getting a free market value report to find out what your home is worth in today’s market, or you can just contact us directly!