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We know divorce hurts, but we can help you through this part.

We’ve experienced the dilemmas of divorce and the tough decisions it forces us all to make.
Fortunately, we also know how to successfully sell homes.

We’ve taken our experiences and put together this FREE eBook for divorcing homeowners. It has information and helpful tips about dealing with one of life’s biggest assets during one of life’s hardest times, such as:

  • Learn the 6 most common real estate mistakes that divorcing people make…

  • Decide whether to sell your home before or after your divorce is final…

  • Find out ways to protect your credit during a divorce…

…and much more!

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We want to use our experiences to help you deal with one of life’s biggest assets during one of life’s hardest times.

  • All your options for what to do with your house when facing a divorce

  • Tips for going to divorce court while selling your home

  • Best ways for divorcing homeowners to determine (and agree on) your home’s value

  • How an ex-spouse’s bankruptcy could affect you, even after divorce

  • Legal liability for debt in a Colorado divorce

  • Coping with the pain of divorce while trying to sell your home

  • Leveraging your home’s unique features to get more money for it

  • Communicating with an uncooperative ex-spouse during your home sale

  • Handling secured debt and unsecured debt during a divorce

…and much more!

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